Arts & Culture

Oswego, New York is probably not the first place you think of when you think of the arts and culture, but in fact, this bustling little town of 18,000 on Lake Ontario harbors a great deal of cultural pride. Read ahead to find out more about what makes Oswego great and why the people of the town have many reasons to celebrate.

Museum and the Arts

The Safe Haven Museum now marks the spot where, during World War II, Fort Ontario was sheltering nearly 1,000 Jewish refugees. The museum honors this act and tells the stories of the lucky few who, through an act of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, were able to escape the Nazis and Italian Fascism in an effort to make it to America. Interviews, memoirs, photographs and more are on display in the museum, as well as interactive educational experiences.

Time and Again books and tea

Time and Again specializes in gently used and out of print books that have great historical and emotional value. These books are surrounded by many of the memories, stories and lives of those that trade them, as well as artistic expressions of creativity. Throughout the year, events are common and range from creative writing groups, poets, musicians and guest speakers. This is a cultural diamond for the town of Oswego.

Oswego Harborfest

This four day festival in high summer draws up to 300,000 visitors every year. The Oswego Harbor holds the many participants who share crafts, artwork, talents and personal passions. Local businesses contribute time and money to the parties. Musical groups play on stage and many other performers wow the audiences.

The town of Oswego, located on Lake Ontario has a deep history through the Civil War, Canal-building days, World War II and on through today. The townspeople welcome you with open arms as they discuss and live the arts and culture of the area. This is a town you should definitely put on your shortlist when visiting Upstate New York.