The history and growth of Oswego, New York is sure to capture your interest and imagination. Located on spectacular, fun-filled Lake Ontario, the town has a population of approximately 18,150. Visiting this beautiful part of the United States lets you enjoy both the friendliness of the local residents and the many amenities that this prime small-town vacation spot offers.

Destination for the history buff

If you are looking for a vacation spot that offers a chance to tour historical monuments and gain a deeper appreciation of America’s heritage, look no further than Oswego, New York. Fort Oswego was established by the British during the 18th century as a major trading area. The Battle of Fort Oswego was fought there, and the British were defeated by the French during the French and Indian War. Fort Oswego was taken back by the British during the War of 1812. War buffs will especially appreciate visiting, photographing and videotaping the sites associated with these events.

Refuge for displaced Jews

The generosity of spirit shown to Jews after World War II contributes to Oswego’s rich legacy. The town accepted over 1,000 Jewish displaced refugees, assisting them with jobs and housing, and welcomed them warmly into the community. Today, the Safe Haven Museum educates visitors on both the plight of the Jews during World War II and Oswego’s role in assisting Jewish refugees. Oswego residents are proud of this humanitarian legacy.

Art, culture, entertainment and dining

Along with trips to Oswego’s museums, a visit to this dynamic city must include its other cultural highlights, among them music festivals, superb restaurants, and quaint cafes. Recreational activities such as boating, swimming, fishing and hiking are also favorite pastimes of locals and visitors alike.

Add Oswego, New York to your list of “must visit” vacation spots. When you enjoy its many amenities, rich culture and history, you are sure to return with exciting memories that last a lifetime.