The state parks in the Oswego Park District area have a bounty of nature’s gifts to offer the willing adventurer. The attractions range from the sandy beaches of Lake Ontario to a riverside golf course located several miles inland.

Sandy Island Beach State Park
Sandy Island Beach State Park has a 1,500 foot beach front from which boaters, swimmers and picnickers may enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Ontario. Visitors to this beach find much more than a pleasant swim spot. Both north and south of the 500 yards of beach on 50 foot high dunes on the lake’s edge, exists a most unusual oddity. On the tops of several sand dunes, a forest of red oak and red maple trees sprouts from the sandy hills. If you do not believe that trees growing out of sand satisfies your taste for foliage, check out the Sandy Pond Beach Unique Area. This New York state park consists of 120 acres of New York’s forests and wildlife.

Battle Island State Park
The park’s name is self-evident in origin, but what you should know about the park is the fantastic activities it offers families. The 18-hole golf course provides a relaxing day of sport for the warmer months, while winter months are perfect for cross country skiers to take advantage of the landscape. The Oswego River runs through the park, and adds another element to the park’s beauty.

The New York state parks around Oswego offer a wide range of activities and scenic views for visitors to enjoy. The natural wonders of Sandy Beach State Park keep tourists returning year after year; while the family friendly activities at Battle Island State Park offer a fruitful day of adventure along the Oswego River. No matter your preferences, Oswego is the place to visit this summer.